The first prototype in which the needle passed through a sealed hole, created in the handle of a “sink”, for the first time we tested both the seal and the creation of the vacuum.

Here you can see the effectiveness of the device through endoscopic shots, from which you can see how the device lifts the entire wall, creating a safety chamber that allows you to introduce the Verres needle.

In this prototype we replaced the wooden handle of the previous device with a much lower and lighter aluminum handle, in which we made a 2.1 mm hole, which allows us to introduce the needle while maintaining the vacuum created by the device.

Some of the prototypes made with the aim of finding the suitable compound, to allow perfect adhesion and sealing of the abdominal wall. In this phase we tested numerous materials, until we found the most suitable one for our purpose, a mix of soft plastics that were well suited to the surface of all the abdominal walls. After many attempts in 2017, the final product was reached.